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A Beer Drinker’s Guide to Portland, Oregon

  • July 13, 2018
  • By Taylor, Communications Team
A Beer Drinker’s Guide to Portland, Oregon

When it comes to craft beer, Portland, Oregon is a powerhouse of a city. There are more than 60 breweries and counting at the moment, and the number of award-winning brews to be found within the city limits keeps growing. The hops scene here is undoubtedly strong, making it the ideal vacation destination for lovers of all things beer.

While there are WAY too many spots to hit up in one visit, here are a few places worth checking out depending on which style brewery you like best:

Something Well-Known

BridgePort Brewing Co. – Founded in 1984, this is officially Portland’s oldest craft brewery. In fact, it’s even housed inside a century-old brick and timber building in the Pearl District. Using fresh, local ingredients from the Willamette Valley, they produce a wide variety of solid staples and unique beers that will please any palette.

Find it: 1313 NW Marshall St

Widmer Brothers – As Portland’s second-oldest brewery, and only by a few months, this is a tried and true establishment. Most known for its flagship Hefeweizen, the best part about making a stop here is getting to try something new. In fact, more than half of the 27 taps in their pub are small batch brews not available anywhere else.

Find it: 929 N Russell St

Deschutes Brewery – This has been a go-to destination for beer in Portland’s downtown area since it opened in 2008. It’s expansive, has delicious food, and offers a wide-ranging selection of known favorites (like Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Fresh Squeezed IPA, or Black Butte Porter) and experimental beers brewed and sold on-site only.

Find it: 210 NW 11th Ave

10 Barrel Brewing Co. – In addition to crafting tasty seasonal and limited-release beers, 10 Barrel’s other claim to fame is its coveted rooftop deck complete with festive twinkle lights, spectacular views of downtown, and all the chill summer vibes a beer drinker could wish for.

Find it: 1411 NW Flanders St

Rogue Eastside Pub & Pilot Brewery – While it’s hometown is in Newport, Oregon, there are a few places in Portland you can find Rogue pubs (including the Pearl Public House and Rogue Hall). We suggest checking out the Eastside Pub for its 19 original taps and 36 limited-release brews for the widest selection.

Find it: 928 SE 9th Ave

Something Local

Ecliptic Brewing – Opened by Portland craft brewing icon John Harris (who was the mind behind some of Deschutes’ and Full Sail’s most famous brews), this spot combines his love of beer and astronomy. Space nerds rejoice! Here, the seasonal beer menu rotates every six weeks in accordance with the old world, star-based calendar.

Find it: 825 N Cook Street

Culmination Brewing – Owned and founded by a husband and wife duo, what makes this place a gem is their neighborly vibe. They also focus on quality and sustainability, meaning that blueberry beer is made with real, local berries.

Find it: 2117 NE Oregon St

Baerlic Brewing – Fun fact: Baerlic (yes, it is pronounced bear-lick) actually means “of barley” in Old English. Their lineup of beers is a healthy blend of traditional standards and new ideas with 12 rotating taps, and the atmosphere is small and approachable.

Find it: 2235 SE 11th Ave

Von Ebert Brewing – With a goal of producing more than 100 varieties of beer a year, there is always something new to try at Von Ebert with a beer list that changes every three days. Its taproom is spacious and located in the heart of downtown near Powell’s City of Books, making it a great place to stop for a quick pint (or two) in the afternoon.

Find it: 131 NW 13th Ave

Back Pedal Brewing – Nestled in the Pearl District (and often over-shadowed by 10 Barrel), this brewery focuses on bright, fruity beers like Belgians, IPAs, and Saisons. They’re also the home of the BrewCycle biking pub crawl, which is just about as Portland as it gets.

Find it: 1425 NW Flanders St

Something a Little Different

Hair of the Dog Brewing Co. – For the die-hard craft beer aficionados, this brewery is where you’ll find truly one-of-a-kind brews. In fact, each one gets its own name like Fred, or Adam, or Lila because they all have their own unique identity and are perfect for making all your other beer friends jealous.

Find it: 61 SE Yamhill St

Occidental Brewing – Hidden on the northern side of Portland, this microbrewery is about as unpretentious as it gets and specializes in all things German. It’s got one of the best Pilsners in the city, so if you’re looking for something light and refreshing, look no further.

Find it: 6635 N Baltimore Ave

Cascade Brewing Barrel House – This place makes all kinds of beers but is renowned for its barrel-aged sour program. There are at least 18 different sours on tap at all times, and many are fruit-based and pack quite a punch. If tart flavors are your jam, this is the place to be.

Find it: 939 SE Belmont St

Old Town Brewing – Fewer things pair better together than craft beer and pizza, and that’s what Old Town is all about. They have an impressive range of ales and lagers, and for anyone who loves a good ghost story, they have a bit of a haunted past, too.

Find it: 5201 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Upright Brewing – With its limited taproom hours, this place can be easy to miss (it’s only open Thursday-Sunday evenings), but it’s also oh-so-worth making the time to visit. They specialize in farmhouse-inspired beers, wild ales, and usually have something everyone can enjoy.

Find it: 240 N Broadway

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By Taylor, Communications Team, July 13, 2018 Taylor is part of the Communications Team at Sun Country Airlines. What she loves most? Sun Country’s love of all things Minnesota and the airline’s focus on making everyone – from crew to passengers – feel right at home. If she were hopping on a flight tomorrow, she’d be headed west to Portland or south to Puerto Vallarta.

Taylor, Communications Team

Taylor is part of the Communications Team at Sun Country Airlines. What she loves most? Sun Country’s love of all things Minnesota and the airline’s focus on making everyone – from crew to passengers – feel right at home. If she were hopping on a flight tomorrow, she’d be headed west to Portland or south to Puerto Vallarta.

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