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28 Travel Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Right Now

  • June 20, 2018
  • By Brittany, Communications Team
28 Travel Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Right Now

A great way to discover all things travel inspiration is to open your Instagram app (we’ve all been down an Instagram rabbit hole or two, haven’t we?) In fact, we love to repost what inspires us on Sun Country’s Instagram. We’ve done a lot of research over the years and we’ve found countless explorer accounts that inspire us to get out there and plan the next dream trip. So, we wanted to share them with you!

Here are some Instagram travel pros you should be enjoying on your feed right now:


Full of symmetry, color, and inspiration in the elements of travel you might not notice, Eric’s photography is the ideal source for travel envy. Also, he’s one of our Sun Country Explorers this year, so be sure to keep an eye out for his trip through #SCAGetaway.

When will it end?

A post shared by Eric Mueller (@ericmueller) on


Kyle’s photography captures the true and wistful moment of any trip among the wilderness. He’s one of our Sun Country Explorers as well! Watch our Instagram page for more from his trip.

Above the Foss River 🌲🚂

A post shared by Kyle Kotajarvi (@kylekotajarvi) on


Think: when style meets travel. We accompanied fellow Sun Country Explorer, Chelsea Lankford, on a trip with us a few years ago to Seattle, Washington. See moments from her west coast trip on the blog.


We love the pops of color and personality Claudia brings to the travel-table on Instagram (oh, and cute puppies named Milo).


Roy’s photography is both moody and rich in cultural detail. He joined us on a Sun Country Explorer trip last year to Mazatlán. See all of his special travel tidbits on the blog.


Josh’s bright and beautiful captures through his social page brought him on a Sun Country Explorer trip to Cabo San Lucas. We suggest you check out the moments from his trip here.


Spencer knows how to capture those tiny, detailed moments we want to remember on special trips. That’s why we loved following Spencer during one of our Sun Country Explorer trips last year to Jamaica. Read all the beachy travel tidbits here.


If you’re looking for some dreamy, breezy travel inspiration, Paul’s Instagram feed is where you want to stop and take it all in for a moment.


A few years ago, Brandon traveled with us to Cancun. His highlights can be found here.


Laura captures travel moments in movement; they’re all full of life. She’s traveling with us on our Sun Country Explorer program this year, so be sure to watch out via #SCAGetaway.


If you’re looking for simplistic and gorgeous travel moments, Colleen’s page is where you should stop and take a few deep breaths for a while. There’s a therapeutic thing about slowly looking through beautiful photography, right? Her Sun Country Explorer trip with us will be this year as well!


Judith is a visual director and traveler by day, posting travel, work, family, and photoshoot content on her bright and personality-driven Instagram page. In fact, she’ll be traveling with friend, 2ndtruth, on a Sun Country Explorer trip soon.

Slow morning in Tulum after the copious amount of burritos we ate last night. 🌯✨

A post shared by JUDITH MARILYN (@judithmarilyn_) on


Poet and adventurer, Allegra captures all of the whimsical elements of her everywhere travels. Her Instagram page will make you feel happy and bright the minute you log on.

sage sunrays over coastal highways ; these are our days

A post shared by Allegra Rose B. (@allegraroseb) on


Jill traveled with us last year to Denver with our Sun Country Explorer program. Her colorful and bold photography is especially interesting and unique – we love what she can capture given any simple space. Follow her travels here.


The most unique moments of travel are often times the best, and Lottie captures those with a quirky and beautiful eye. Take a moment to breeze through her page – it’s a visual deep sigh.

Wandering dusty soul vibes. 📸 by #anjaniemi #anjaniemiphotography

A post shared by Lottie Anderson (@lottieonilica) on


Time for a couple’s travel moment! Jenna and Micah of Wander the Map do it well. They’re outdoor and urban adventure travelers, searching all around the globe for moments they can capture.


Tamara traveled with us last year to Santa Rosa/Sonoma County as part of our Sun Country Explorer program. Her Instagram is full of floral beauty, exquisite design, and gorgeous travel moments. See her Sun Country travels here.


We could get lost on this page for hours. This Instagram account tells multiple stories about the impact travel gives. In fact, post your stories with their hashtag and you could be featured.


If you’re traveling anywhere near our hometown of Minnesota, let this account be your ultimate guide. The photography is phenomenal – and never fails to inspire our hometown hearts.


This travel-inclined Instagram account takes in all of the beauty and simplicity that comes with travel whether it’s on the road or deep within a city.

Caught a pretty rad sunset the other night with this cool cat 😻

A post shared by Isaiah (@isaiahphoto) on


Shaynah traveled with us last year to Fort Myers, Florida. She brought along her adorable family, a lovely part of her Instagram postings and shares. You can see all of her beach family moments on the blog.

The rain in the distance behind us brought up the topic about Hurricane Irma with the boys. We talked about what was lost, and how some people were so lucky to not be hit as hard as expected (like Ft Myers). The abilities kids have to empathize with others is always so humbling. My boys talked with serious hearts and open ideas about ways they’d change the world if they ever had the chance. I pray they keep that ability to care for others and making our world better. Dreaming beyond what they want for themselves. I think if all adults really looked at the world the ways kids do we all could be better. Love being here and really seeing some of that reality of what the world is going through. Love even more having this time with the kids and talking about life with them, I always walk away reminded of what I want from the world 💕 / @suncountryair partner #scaexplorers

A post shared by Shaynah (@ruffledsnob) on


Jessie takes her travels to a cozy level, exploring all elements that make you comfortable and adventurous during your travel endeavors.

700,000+. The approximate number of shutter counts I’ve estimated my mom has taken in the 26 years she has been a photographer. When I was 2 years old (1992) my mom started her own photography business in our small town in Wisconsin (where it still exists to this day). As her business grew, so did we and my love for photography. Developing film, painting backdrops, holding up light meters, putting together proof books, understanding digital photography, the hours and hours of editing, helping with weddings, sporting events, family and senior shoots – it was a fascinating world to grow up in and be a part of. I’ve had 26 years to watch my mom take her passion and turn it into reality. I’ve seen the joy and memories she brings to her clients and the impact one single photo can have on someone’s life. Maybe that’s why photography is such a joy and passion in my life. A creative outlet so deeply engrained into my upbringing through her passion that I will forever be grateful for. My mom is celebrating 60 beautiful years on this planet today, half of which have been spent behind her lens doing what she loves- freezing moments and memories in time for others. I owe it to my mom for always inspiring me to love the life I live and do it with passion. Mom, thank you for capturing so many precious memories of all of us growing up and the support you provide to our community. Thank you for your hard work and taking the chance to live out your dreams. You are such an inspiration and someone I continue to look up to every. single. day. Cheers to many more years of pure happiness and celebrating life through your lens 📷🌲❤ #birthdaylove

A post shared by Jessie McShane (@woolandwhiskey_) on


Rita was a lovely part of our Sun Country Explorer program a few years back and we love to see her travel moments on her Instagram page now. They’re full of sky, water, grass, and sunshine – and we love reading about her family stories within. Here are some of her photos (complete with a few Cancun tips) on the blog.


For the moments that aren’t typically captured with travel, Brandon captures them instantly. We love to read his captions, as they’re detailed and incredibly paired with the photos. Go ahead, spend a few minutes enjoying his work (and double tap a few along the way).

Last weekend we had our first experience with @hipcamp and I couldn’t be more excited to start talking about it. We are fortunate enough to be field scouts for them which means we get to take photos of the properties listed and help bring a better sense of what it means to stay there. We were hosted by two wonderful women in southern Minnesota who are truly living a life of sustenance and sustainability. From the moment we arrived the kids were collecting eggs from their chickens, canoeing in their pond that was full of spawning rainbow trout, and running around their beautiful forests with newly made four legged friends. What they do on their property to reduce their impact on the planet puts a lot of promise into my heart that we can be more meaningful and multifaceted in our approach to the everyday. The thing that sets this apart from other places that offer rooms and places to rent is that you aren’t just getting a place to stay, you’re also getting a story; an experience to go with the experience, a marriage of many things thought to be fabled. I cannot wait to share more from our time here and the pretty places we have planned for the rest of the summer. #hipcamp

A post shared by aka BLK WLF (@brandonwerth) on


Hanna has an eye for the moments we typically don’t remember, which is what we love most about her Instagram page. Those quiet moments during travel are captured through her lens effortlessly.

May these summer days just keep getting longer and warmer. ☀

A post shared by Hanna Voxland (@hannavoxland) on


If you’re traveling to New York City, Lindsey has you covered!  As a native of Minnesota, now living in the concrete jungle, she captures hometown essence with a classic city twist. She also traveled with us through our Sun Country Explorers program. See all of her Austin, Texas moments here.


Nathan’s account matches the minimalist approach to travel. His photos, dedicated to capturing drone captures of water and land, will take your breath away.

Sunsets in a field of gold 🍭

A post shared by Nathan Prostamo (@nathanprostamo) on


Nicole captures her work with detail and a nostalgic uniqueness. Breezing through her photos feels vintage and meaningful – something we have always enjoyed about travel.

If you want to see your photos featured on the blog or on Sun Country’s Instagram page, be sure to share your travels with #SCAGetaway.

By Brittany, Communications Team, June 20, 2018 Brittany is a member of the Communications Team at Sun Country Airlines. Her favorite things about Sun Country are the close-knit family vibe and the passion behind the people, as if the employees and customers grew up loving the “airline next door.” Her favorite destination? The whimsical forests and rain of Seattle’s coast.

Brittany, Communications Team

Brittany is a member of the Communications Team at Sun Country Airlines. Her favorite things about Sun Country are the close-knit family vibe and the passion behind the people, as if the employees and customers grew up loving the “airline next door.” Her favorite destination? The whimsical forests and rain of Seattle’s coast.

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